5 Store Portfolio in Calgary [sold] , AB

Sold a portfolio of 5 stores in Alberta

Seamless transaction

  • price: $18,000,000

    Buyer Representation [sold] Edmonton, AB

    Represented the buyer in this acquisition

    Provided legal and financing support

    • price: $1,000,000

      New Pharmacy #11474 [sold] Lower Mainland, BC

      Perfect for an owner operator

      Well staffed

      Doctors found nearby

      • price: $350,000

        New Pharmacy #11472 [sold] Edmonton, AB

        Niche service offering

        Well staffed

        Established clientele

        • price: $2,300,000

          New Pharmacy #11461 [sold] Winnipeg, MB

          Extremely well-managed

          Provides specialty services

          Very well known notoriety and established patient base

          • price: $1,375,000

            New Pharmacy #11455 [sold] Edmonton, AB

            Heavy foot-traffic

            Close proximity to medical clinic

            Immense opportunity to grow business

            • price: $700,000

              New Pharmacy #11447 [sold] Central, AB

              Medical clinic next door

              Close proximity to varied health services

              Very ideal location

              • price: $350,000

                New Pharmacy #11440 [sold] Edmonton, AB

                Incredible visibility

                Next to a medical clinic

                Very modern look and feel

                • price: $350,000

                  New Pharmacy #11436 [sold] Southern, ON

                  Located in plaza with other medical services

                  Incredible opportunity for growth

                  Perfect for an owner-operator

                  • price: $195,000

                    New Pharmacy #11432 [sold] Southern, ON

                    Heavy residential area

                    Blister packaging

                    Great opportunity for growth

                    • price: $250,000

                      New Pharmacy #11430 [sold] Calgary, AB

                      Well established within the community

                      Medical clinic next door

                      Perfect for an owner-operator

                      • price: $295,000

                        Pharmacy #11370 [sold] ,

                        • Located in Port Perry, Ontario
                        • Many doctors in area
                        • ¬†Methadone dispensing.
                        • price: $800,000

                          #11336 Redberry Pharmacy [sold] Blaine Lake, SK

                              #11393 Jalna Pharmacy [sold] London, ON

                              Jalna Pharmacy is an established pharmacy located in a commercial complex surrounded by a large residential population and two walk-in clinics.

                                  #11315 Rx R Us [sold] Langley, BC

                                      #11289 Granger Pharmacy [sold] Bruno, SK

                                          #13321 Front Street Pharmacy [sold] Quesnel, BC

                                              #11392 Cougar Ridge Pharmacy [sold] Calgary, AB

                                                  #11333 I.D.A Cambie [sold] Vancouver, BC

                                                      #11373 Allin Pharmacy [sold] Edmonton, AB

                                                      • Located in Edmonton, Ab
                                                      • ¬†Inside a Medical Professional Building
                                                      • Established business.
                                                      • price: $1,000,000

                                                        #11384 Careville Pharmacy [sold] lower mainland , BC

                                                        Inside a medical clinic.

                                                        Ideal for an owner/operator


                                                            #11380 Goodlife Pharmacy [sold] Calgary, AB

                                                                #11359 Medicine Shoppe [sold] Victoria, BC

                                                                    #11330 Leduc Plaza Pharmacy [sold] Leduc, AB

                                                                        #11316 Medicine Shoppe [sold] Ottawa, ON

                                                                            #11353 Universal Health Pharmacy [sold] Calgary, AB

                                                                                #11319 Next Door Pharmacy [sold] Burlington, ON

                                                                                    #11351 Future Drug Mart [sold] Airdrie, AB

                                                                                        #11370 Port Perry Pharmacy [sold] Port Perry, ON

                                                                                        Located northeast of the GTA, specializing in methadone.

                                                                                            #11348 South Trial Pharmacy [sold] Calgary, AB

                                                                                                #11341 Health Check [sold] Markham, ON

                                                                                                • price: $325,000

                                                                                                  #11320 Pharmacy on 34 [sold] Edmonton, AB

                                                                                                  • price: $320,000

                                                                                                    New Pharmacy #11411 [sold] Calgary, AB

                                                                                                    Inside a Professional Building
                                                                                                    Great Potential for Growth

                                                                                                    • price: $315,000

                                                                                                      NEW Pharmacy #11412 [sold] London, ON

                                                                                                      Established Customers

                                                                                                      • price: $800,000

                                                                                                        New Pharmacy #11405 [sold] Saskatoon, SK

                                                                                                        Established business

                                                                                                        • price: $250,000

                                                                                                          Pharmacy #11401 [sold] , ON

                                                                                                          Established pharmacy next to medical clinic located in Northwestern Ontario.

                                                                                                          • price: $1,100,000

                                                                                                            #11395 [sold] Southern, AB


                                                                                                            Newly Established Pharmacy * Beside Medical Clinic * Potential for growth

                                                                                                            • price: $230,000

                                                                                                              #11381 [sold] Northwest, AB

                                                                                                              Great Opportunity to Own a Pharmacy!

                                                                                                              Includes building, business and inventory.

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